• Plastique Micron

    More than 40 years of experience • 200 skilled employees • 50 presses • 4 processes (EBM, ISBM, IBM, SBM) • 2 production sites •  Containers from 10 ml to 8 L • Bottle screen printing • 112,000 square feet of storage

  • Sainte-Claire Plant

    Sainte-Claire, Québec • Standard range of containers and custom mold development • Technical expertise and quality control • 33 presses (EBM, ISBM, IBM, SBM) • 42,000 square feet of storage 

  • Orangeville Plant

    Orangeville, Ontario • Standard range of containers and custom mold development • Technical expertise and quality control • 17 presses (EBM) • PVC, PET-G • 30,000 square feet of storage 

  • TML

    Saint-Anselme, Quebec • Custom screen printing on plastic bottles • 42,000 square feet of storage

  • TotalFit Program and conformity reports

    TotalFit program for your success • Development partnerships • Commitment to quality • Customer service commitment • Custom conformity report • See your conformity reports and orders on this website 

Plastique Micron, Manufacturer of plastic containers

Plastique Micron has been forging ahead for over 40 years now, thanks to people with passion and expertise who laid the foundation of our reputation for excellence and skill in plastic container manufacturing.

The undeniable quality of our products and our commitment to accurately meeting individual client needs set us apart. Our reputation and proven packaging techniques go beyond our borders. Thanks to our long-established expertise, we also export our products and continue to push our limits.

While plastic is our main material, our team is our number one human resource. The personal and professional growth of our employees is essential. Our growing success in an expanding field depends on our sincere respect for our employees, suppliers, and clients.

Thanks to this website, you can explore the main avenues of our company and discover our history, manufacturing methods, and wide selection of products designed for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care and food industries, as well as for industrial use. Enjoy your visit!

I commend and thank all our employees and partners, who believe in and contribute to the success of Plastique Micron.

Plastique Micron

Production and storage site

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Imprimerie TML

Screen printing on bottle and storage

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IMBC Blowmolding

Production and storage site

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January 2014

I am pleased to inform you that Plastique Micron has recently acquired IMBC Blowmolding Inc., in Orangville, Ontario, as of January 17, 2014.

This acquisition will enable Plastique Micron to have a second plant in order to better serve our customers, by being closer to their activities for the Ontario market. In addition, we will expand the range of products Plastique Micron offers by adding a wider range of containers.

IMBC Blowmolding has been in business since 1989 and their facilities include 60,000 square feet... Read more

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