Commitment to Customers

Commitment to Customer Service

The TotalFit program includes measures and commitments that guarantee you quality service at all times with respect to ordering, production, delivery, and customer service. It's an approach that puts your business concerns first, setting us apart from other manufacturers and making us more productive at every level—on your premises and ours.

The One-Customer Approach

You're more than just a customer, and we're more than just a supplier. At Plastique Micron, service is a tangible value expressed in a series of formal commitments that respond to your business concerns and realities:

  • Order confirmation within 72 hours
  • Response to request for quote within 48 hours
  • Sample shipment within 48 hours
  • Letter of certification (DMF) within 48 hours
  • Complaints addressed within 24 hours of receipt
  • All order-related documents sent within 48 hours
  • Transfer of information likely to affect your order as quickly as possible
  • World-class delivery times

Proactive at Every Level

From the moment you start doing business with Plastique Micron, you enjoy access to a trained and experienced team governed by a strict code of ethics. Our proactive attitude has a genuine impact on your productivity at every level—from product development through to delivery. We work to boost your competitiveness and profitability and act as a key component of your solution. In short, we act as a partner, not just a supplier.

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