Commitment to Quality

Since your production is partially dependent on ours, Plastique Micron has developed a quality control process that guarantees you total peace of mind.

A steady supply of product in line with your technical specifications

Every aspect of our production process is designed with the same goal in mind: to meet your technical specifications and provide you with a consistent supply of quality product. Our strict quality control processes cover every stage of production, from reception of raw materials through to final delivery:

  • Each batch of raw materials is inspected prior to unloading
  • All production line equipment is cleaned and inspected
  • Containers are regularly tested during production to ensure conformity
  • Non-conformities are eliminated from the production line using a rigorous procedure that provides for corrective and preventive action

Continuous traceability of your products

Plastique Micron production processes incorporate continuous traceability documentation that is kept on file for six years.

These confidential records contain complete information on each batch of product, including raw material numbers, container measurement reports, and non-conformity reports, as the case may be. An integral part of the TotalFit program, this system guarantees complete product conformity with your technical specifications.

Production facilities guaranteed compliant with industry standards

Your containers are manufactured in an environment compliant with industry standards. Drawing on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), we pay special attention to contamination control measures. We pay careful attention to ensure compliance at our end, and to ensure your product conforms to your technical specifications.

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