Since it was founded in 1970, our company has been constantly evolving. The ever-growing demand for our products has required us to expand our plant and invest heavily in equipment. Over the years, we have maintained our ability to efficiently meet client requirements.

Plastique Micron is home to professionals recognized for their integrity and experience in plastic container manufacturing, who continue in the company's esteemed tradition while taking a forward-thinking approach.



Jean-Guy Roy and Victor Fortier founded Plastique Micron.


The young company already numbered nine employees and covered an area of 9,000 square feet. It produced approximately 8 million containers annually using four polyethylene blow molding machines.


The company almost tripled its floor space, while staff numbered over 70. Over 30 million containers were produced annually.


To meet demand, some 20 machines were operated 24 hours a day.


Plastique Micron implemented new technology: the injection stretch blow molding for polyethylene terephthalate.


Thirty years later. The founding partners passed the torch on to the three company executives.


The company expanded once again, attaining a total area of 35,000 square feet and a 20,000-square-foot warehouse.


An automated case-packing system was introduced and Bernard Poitras became majority stockholder with 70% of Plastique Micron shares, in collaboration with Denis Buteau.


Plastique Micron continues to forge ahead, with close to 200 employees and an annual production of over 120 million containers manufactured by 29 molding machines operating 24 hours a day.

October 2007

The TotalFit program is launched. This customer relationship program aims to set Plastique Micron apart through a global service offering. When the program was implemented, Plastique Micron developed customer service standards (terms) and offered its clients a comprehensive packaging solution, including storage, decoration, and caps. With this program, Plastique Micron wants to offer one-stop service in the area of rigid packaging.

June 2008

GDG Placements Privés becomes a financial partner of the company and acquires 30% of Gestion Bernard Poitras' shares, resulting in the following share distribution: 70% to Gestion Bernard Poitras Inc. and 30% to GDG Placements Privés.

March 2009

Plastique Micron Inc., through its TotalFit program, adds pre-sampling services and a certificate of conformity best-suited to its customers' needs (dimensional section of the containers).

August 2009

An 8,000-foot extension gives the space required for adding new equipment.

August 2010

Plastique Micron introduces a third technology, injection blow molding (IBM). Three Jomar machines are installed and a “Packer” container family is launched.

May 2011

Paul Desmarais joins Plastique Micron's team as Vice President, Business Development, and acquires 15% of the shares. Following this transaction, shares are distributed as follows: GDG Placements Privés (25%) and Gestion Bernard Poitras Inc. (60%).

June 2011

Plastique Micron acquires a 23,000-square-foot warehouse located near its factory to support its sales growth and provide stockage and safety stock solutions.

November 2011

Paul Desmarais, Bernard Poitras and a number of senior executives from the organization acquire Imprimerie TML Inc. With this acquisition, Plastique Micron controls its decoration supplies.


Warehouse expansion of 19,000 square feet for a total storage area of 42,000 square feet.
Integration of a 4th technology: Stretch blow molding (SBM). Two Terekas machines are installed.


Following a transaction between shareholders, shares are distributed as follows: Gestion Bernard Poitras Inc. (52.5%), Paul Desmarais (25%) and GDG Placements Privés (22.5%).


Acquisition of IMBC Blowmolding in Orangeville, Ontario, a factory equipped with 17 blow molding machines.

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