Manufacturing System

5S Method

Our company has adopted the concrete 5S method, which all our employees implement on a daily basis. It helps improve their quality of life in a clean and pleasant environment while increasing company productivity and efficiency. It is based on the following five Japanese concepts:

  • Seiri = tidiness (remove all unnecessary objects to clear workspace)
  • Seiton = orderliness (organize workspace efficiently)
  • Seiso = cleanliness (clean and inspect the workplace)
  • Seiketsu = standardization (establish simple, concrete rules to maintain cleanliness and order)
  • Shitsuke = discipline (strictly adhere to rules and improve standards)

Thanks to the 5S method, we gain time, reduce expenses, improve safety, reduce and prevent breakdowns, free up poorly used space, inspire confidence, etc., all with a view to serving our clients better.

About Lean Manufacturing

Our production system is based on flexible, lean manufacturing, which helps us react quickly to market changes and meet client needs. It focuses on the following three goals:

  • Improve response time
  • Achieve savings by improving processes and methods
  • Eliminate waste

We have adopted various means to meet these objectives, as indicated in the lean manufacturing project management diagram.

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