I am pleased to inform you that Plastique Micron has recently acquired IMBC Blowmolding Inc., in Orangville, Ontario, as of January 17, 2014.

24 January 2014

This acquisition will enable Plastique Micron to have a second plant in order to better serve our customers, by being closer to their activities for the Ontario market. In addition, we will expand the range of products Plastique Micron offers by adding a wider range of containers.

IMBC Blowmolding has been in business since 1989 and their facilities include 60,000 square feet plant, with a fleet of 17 machines extrusion blow molding (EBM). In addition, they produce bottles up to 8 liters, HDPE, LDPE and PP, as well as PVC bottles and Pet-G.

With this acquisition, Plastique Micron now operates through three sites:

  • Sainte-Claire, Québec, (Plant and headquarters, 85,000 square feet, four technologies, EBM, IBM, ISBM and SBM 31 production equipment, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET)
  • Saint-Anselme, Québec, (Storage site of 40,000 square feet and printing cylinders department)
  • Orangeville, Ontario, (Plant, 60,000 square feet, EBM technology, 17 machines producing HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC ,Barex and Pet-G

Henceforth, IMBC Blowmolding Inc. will now be known as IMBC Blowmloding 2014 Inc. and will continue its operations on the same site in Orangeville.

Address for general correspondence:

IMBC Blowmolding (2014) inc.
81 Centennial Road
Orangeville, On
L9W 3R1

Accounts receivable and accounts payable:

IMBC Blowmolding (2014) inc.
21 boulevard Bégin
Sainte-Claire, Qc
G0R 2V0

Over the coming months of transition, Plastique Micron will develop a new product catalog and a new website to include IMBC.
Ms. Sandra Starr and Ms. Anne Moggy, who were already employed by IMBC Blowmolding inc. were promoted respectively Director of Operation and Manager of Operations.

Customers who already do business with IMBC Blowmolding inc. will continue to be served by these same people. Coordinates will remain the same: Sandra Starr (Tel: 519-942-3401 ext. 245) and Anne Moggy (Tel: 519-942-3401 ext. 222). Consequently Mr. Paul Desmarais (Cell : 514-458-1700), Vice-Président Business Development at Plastique Micron will supervise the operations of this plant, as well as everything related to customer service.

M. Alain Dufour, Vice President Finance at Plastique Micron, will be in charge of finances and administration. (Tel : 418-883-3333 ext. 237)

Major purchases will be made from our headquarters with our buyer, Mr. Simon Dionne (418-883-3333 ext. 257)

I would like to thank you personally for your trust and participation in the success of our company.

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